Tuesday 3 May 2022

#ClimateSafeStreets Round Up

Along with Merton Residents' Transport Group, we've spoken with all of the potential Leaders of the Council after 5th May to ask them to make an urgent commitment to deliver #ClimateSafeStreets. 

Thanks to the actions of all our supporters and lots of other residents, all of them have responded and four have committed to our five pledges. Follow the links to read the individual pledges and statements and read more about why each party thinks active travel is key part of tackling the climate emergency:

Whatever the outcome of the election on Thursday, we're looking forward to working with the new Administration over the next four years to make progress with the five commitments which will play a part in tackling the climate crisis:  

  1. Develop an Active Travel Network and Delivery Plan for the Borough in the first 12 months and implement the top five highest priority interventions to the highest standards before 2027.
  2. Make 75% of suitable residential areas in the borough safer and more appealing for walking and cycling. 
  3. Improve at least 5 of the most dangerous junctions in the borough to high standards, provide pedestrian signals at all signalised junctions and improve facilities for pedestrians to cross the road where there are strong desire lines or existing safety risks.
  4. Tackle high levels of congestion and HGV movements in the Borough by  cutting freight motor vehicle movements by at least 10% and Rapidly rolling out shared mobility points.  
  5. Make it easier and cheaper to park a cycle than it is to park a car everywhere in the borough. 

Click to read more about each of the asks 

Merton Conservatives' response to #ClimateSafeStreets

The Merton Conservatives have replied to our request to sign up to the #ClimateSafeStreets pledges with the following statement setting out how they would promote walking and cycling to help tackle the Climate Emergency. 

Find out more about the measures we would like to see to cut road transport emissions fast and enable lots more walking, and cycling, as well as email the candidates to show your support for the measures here:  https://lcc.org.uk/campaigns/climate-safe-streets-merton/

Statement from Merton Conservatives:

"Merton Conservatives have championed improvements to our local walking and cycling infrastructure in our last few budgets, however, the ruling Labour party did not share our concerns and our proposals were voted down. 

A future Conservative administration will focus on new, safe, walking and cycling routes in Merton as part of our commitment to active travel. We will review safety for all road users and look at how our transport network can be improved to make it safer for everyone. 

Much of the HGV movements in the borough is across A roads that are controlled by TfL, we know that this is an ongoing problem in many areas of Merton and we will work with other London boroughs and lobby the Mayor of London for improvements that help residents in their daily life."