Wednesday 27 April 2022

Labour Party sign up to #ClimateSafeStreets Pledges

The Labour Party have signed up to our #ClimateSafeStreets pledges to take bold action to get to zero carbon roads by 2030. Check out current Cabinet member for Housing, Regeneration, and the Climate Emergency, Martin Whelton explaining why encouraging more walking and cycling is a key part of the Labour Party's plans to tackle climate change. 

Find out more about the measures that will cut road transport emissions fast and enable lots more walking, and cycling and email the other candidates here:

And here's what he had to say about the pledges:

"Over the past four years we have implemented several measures to actively promote active travel including the introduction of 28 school streets, four further permanent low traffic neighbourhoods which sees Merton having the second highest number at 34% in Outer London if we include historic ones. Many of our communities see first-hand the benefit they bring in reducing traffic and making them more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. We will work further in developing active travel plans working alongside resident and transport groups and building the evidence base to undertake further measures, but also using the 68 Breathe London air quality sensors and Vicacity digital sensors which is the highest number in London.

Currently much of our funding for implementing measures comes from Transport for London which has been impacted due to their budgetary issues. We will look to use Community Infrastructure Levies, S106 along with using funds generated from  traffic fines on measures that improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

In terms of junctions, we have seen some improvements to made to our most dangerous ones, we will look to work to tackle other ones subject to funding. We will also look to work with Transport for London who are responsible for traffic signals

We have seen already the first 19 bicycle sheds and subject to funding we will look to introduce more across Merton at a cost which is both reasonable and fair. The cost is already below many other London boroughs but we do recognise their popularity and the need for more to be introduced.

Tackling HGVs and freight movement requires a co-ordinated approach across London boroughs and we will look at working with London Councils and Tfl on ways we can reduce movements and promote shared mobility points."