Monday 16 September 2019

Raleigh Mustang e-Comp review

Mark continues our sporadic 'Best Loved Kit' series with a review of the Raleigh Mustang e-Comp. 

For some time, I had been considering going over to the “Dark Side,” getting an e-bike. Much as I love cycling, I tend only to ride on flat routes, as climbing just makes me depressed about how unfit/weak I am. Way back in 2008, I had a cerebellar stroke, although I recovered, it knocked the stuffing out of me. My once powerful leg muscles are now soft and jelly like, the guy who used to ride 44x17 fixed on club rides, and push new riders up steep hills has long gone....going out on a beginners group ride a couple of years ago, I watched guys 10 years older than me, and beginner ladies pedal merrily away uphill chatting to each other, as I coughed wheezed and searched for my lowest crawler gear. 

Monday 9 September 2019

Support Richard's fundraising for cycle parking at St Raphael's hospice

Long-standing MCC member Richard is fundraising to install high quality, covered and secure cycle parking for staff and visitors at St Raphael's Hospice in Sutton (SW London), following the death of his dear cycle campaign friend Ceri Davies recently died there. At his final visit they together lamented that there was nowhere for him to his bike!