Friday 28 February 2014

"Asks" for Space for Cycling 2014 Campaign finalised

The Merton Cycling Campaign have now finalised the 'asks' for the 20 wards in our borough for the LCC Space for Cycling 2014 Local Elections Campaign. These asks were decided according to the wishes of local residents, constituted of both members and non-members of the LCC, who completed a survey issued by the LCC in late 2013.

The asks were also agreed in a public meeting held in January in Wimbledon that was widely publicised by the means of leaflets and posters. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed to cyclists in Wimbledon in the days leading up to the meeting. The MCC itself was also able to voice its opinion.

We believe these 'asks' to genuinely represent an improvement to our streets and a step change for the quality of life of all of Merton's residents who will benefit from:

  • Reduced through-traffic in their street (rat-running).
  • Less air pollution.
  • Less danger from speeding motor vehicles.
  • Less noise.
  • The ability to walk and cycle in a safe and pleasant conditions.

The asks are based on 6 key themes which have been selected by the LCC:

  • Protected Space for Cycling.
  • No Through Motor Traffic Zones.
  • Safe Routes to Schools.
  • 20 mph zones.
  • Liveable Town Centres.
  • Greenways.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Merton "Mini Holland" Bid

The Merton Cycling Campaign's response to Merton's Mini Holland bid.

Spending £30M on implementing a vision to transform Merton into a borough with Dutch-style segregated infrastructure for cycling is something that until very recently we at Merton Cycling Campaign could only dream of. However, it could become a reality. Merton has submitted a bid for the London Mayor's "Mini-Holland" programme, which is open to outer-London boroughs to improve cycling in the leafy 'burbs.

The bid is supported by all the major political parties.

Highlights of the bid are as follows: