Monday 25 April 2022

Liberal Democrats sign up to #ClimateSafeStreets Pledges

The Merton Liberal Democrats have signed up to our #ClimateSafeStreets pledges to take bold action to get to zero carbon roads by 2030. Here's what Cllr Anthony Fairclough had to say about why the Liberal Democrats think that walking and cycling is an important part of tackling the climate emergency: 



“We must take the climate emergency seriously. The leadership of Merton’s Council needs to show courage, energy and the willingness to do things differently. And if things don’t work, it must be honest, listen to what went wrong and then act.

Ultimately, we want an open, competent and caring Council – one focused on winning both hearts and minds to its proposals and measuring the effectiveness of its actions.

In our manifesto, the Climate Emergency and Pollution is one of the 4 key challenges for any Council.

We believe that our manifesto is consistent with LCC’s asks. We hope you agree.” 

Find out more about the measures that will cut road transport emissions fast and enabling lots more walking, cycling and wheeling here and email the other candidates here: