Merton Residents' Transport Group

This is a group which has been formed in response to Merton Council’s Active & Healthy Travel Response to Covid-19 Plan.  MCC are a partner along with many other resident and voluntary groups. MCC are hosting the Group’s activity on our website.  
This group is non-party-political and open to any resident, community group or business based in Merton. Anyone or any group who share the objectives below is welcome to join, please click on this link to join:!forum/merton-transport-residents-group/join
Minutes and recordings of meetings are at the bottom of this page.


To support the development and implementation of the best possible emergency transport plan by Merton Council in response to Covid-19
The group will bring together different community organisations and individuals to share information and ideas to support the development of Merton Council’s emergency transport plan.

What is an emergency transport plan and why is one needed?

As lockdown restrictions are eased, we need to ensure that people can travel safely, including being socially distanced, as they start to return to work and schools re-open. It is estimated that over 100,000 journeys per day normally made by public transport in Merton will need to be made by other means. If these were all made by car it would lead to massive congestion and pollution.
Walking and cycling are up to ten times more efficient in terms of how many people can be moved in the same space. This will reduce congestion as well as being more environmentally friendly. At present, many people do not feel that it is safe to walk or cycle on Merton’s streets. At present, there are not enough good cycle routes and pavements are not wide enough to allow people to socially distance with increased numbers of people walking.


  • Maximise the accessibility of transport for all Merton’s residents 
    • Ensure that cycling and walking facilities are put in place throughout the borough in time to meet the anticipated demand 
    • Enable residents with different needs and from different backgrounds to travel safely including families taking children to school, elderly people and those with limited mobility
  • Enable local businesses of all sizes to successfully resume as lockdown restrictions are ease
    • For staff to be able to safely travel to work
    • For customers to be able to access local shops and restaurants, including ensuring social distancing when queuing, when moving between shops and eating/drinking
  • Maximise the engagement of Merton residents and businesses in the plan
    • Use their knowledge of the areas where improvements are needed
    • Gain residents’ and businesses support for the plans and there implementation 
    • Maximise the support from Merton residents for the plan

Map of Covid-19 measures suggested to the Council

The Group encouraged residents to submit ideas for Covid-19 measures directly to Future Merton, and also via a webform. MRTG worked with Council Officers to collate a list of all the ideas submitted before the 3rd of June and then map them all. You can view the map here.

If you would like more information about the ideas for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, check out this map which has collated proposal of specific measures for areas. 

    Meetings and updates

    28th May 2020:
    4th June 2020