Monday 2 November 2020

LTN 1/20, Merton Council FAQ and the Planning Application Process for Bishopsford Road Bridge

On 22nd October Merton Council's Planning Committee approved the proposals for Bishopsford Road  (Mitcham) Bridge. Like many local groups and residents we have concerns about the design and layout and whilst we want a re-constructed bridge as swiftly as possible we also think what is built should be fit for purpose far into the future, and meet the Council's own policies to tackle the Climate Emergency and promote active travel. 

Many of our concerns stem from the ways in which the designs don't meet the Department for Transport issues Local Traffic Notes (LTNs) to guide Council’s designs.  The latest of these is LTN 1/20 which was issued in July 2020 and covers Cycle Infrastructure Design. (Local Traffic Notes are different to 'Low Traffic Neighbourhoods / LTNs.) We believe the LTN 1/20 Guidance was misrepresented to the Planning Committee.