Map of proposed Covid-19 Transport interventions

On 2nd May Merton Council published their Strategy to implement measures to repurpose roadspace to facilitate walking and cycling to accommodate the tenfold increase in cycling that is expected as a result of the travel challenges presented by Covid-19. They asked residents to submit suggest locations they could take action. 

The Merton Transport Residents Group (which MCC is part of) encouraged residents to submit ideas directly to Future Merton, and also via a webform. MTRG worked with Council Officers to collate a list of all the ideas submitted before the 3rd of June and then map them all. This generated over 300 response, and approximately 150 individual suggestions. 

About the map 

The suggestions are categorised according to the categories Merton Council set out in the Transport Strategy: 

  • Orange - Low Traffic Neighbourhoods 
  • Green - Town Centres and Footways 
  • Blue - Cycling Measures
  • Pink - Schools
  • Red - Accessibility (MRTG have added this category to the map for measures that are about general route accessibility for wheelchair and mobility scooter users) 

On 15 June, Merton's Cabinet approved the updated Covid-19 Transport Plan which proposes rapidly implementing 7 key cycling routes, 10 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and 20 school streets. You can read the plan here

If you think a proposal is missing, please fill out this form - MTRG will periodically collate these suggestions and submit them to the Council. 

If you would like more information about the ideas for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, check out this map which has collated proposal of specific measures for areas. 

Click on a pin to find out more about what's been proposed. 

The map is built using a project developed by Camden Cyclists to produce maps from Google Sheets. For information about the Sheet-to-Map project see this documentation.