Wednesday 14 April 2021

GLA Elections: Safe space for walking and cycling in Merton and Wandsworth

It's just two weeks and four days until London decides who will be the next Mayor. London Cycling Campaign is calling on the next mayor of London, and all London councils, to make London’s roads zero carbon by 2030. You can add your voice here. This will create a London that will help protect the planet and millions of its inhabitants and create a better city for everyone — one with fewer cars, less pollution, greener streets and much, much more high-quality cycling infrastructure.

But to achieve that goal, our local streets will need to be far more inviting for walking and cycling, with rapid expansion of the Strategic Cycling Network, Smart Road User Charging across London, co-ordinated expansion of access to low-carbon shared mobility services and measures such as school streets, safe crossings and light timing that encourages pedestrians and cyclists.

That means action will need to happen across London, not just in the centre. Safe spaces for walking and cycling are needed for people of all ages, speeds and physical abilities across Merton and Wandsworth. Our next local Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth will have to hold the Mayor to account on their commitments and support our Borough Councils to do more with TfL funding.

Along with Wandsworth Cycling Campaign, Merton ResidentsTransport Group, Merton Living Streets and Wandsworth Living Streets, and Tooting Healthy Streets, we’ve written to the candidates of the four main parities to invite them to join us for a walk or cycle to experience active travel routes in Wandsworth and Merton and present their vision and policies.

We’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say, and will keep you posted.