Sunday 25 April 2021

GLA Elections - Candidate Walk with Sue Wixley, Liberal Democrat

As part of the #ClimateSafeStreets campaign we took Liberal Democrat Candidate for the London Assembly Sue Wixley on a brief walk along the A24 between Morden tram stop and Merton Town hall on Saturday 24th, to show her some of the challenges that pedestrians and cyclists face getting around Merton and Wandsworth. 

Afterwards we asked if she would support massively extending the cycling network to a high standard, giving every Londoner access to dockless e-bikes and electric car clubs, creating a fairer, simpler “smart road user charging” system and help to protect CS7 through Wandsworth and Merton as a protected and dedicated cycling route. 

Along with measures that improve air quality and encourage this will create a London that will help protect the planet and millions of its inhabitants and create a better city for everyone.  

Email the mayoral candidates to ask them to pledge support for Climate Safe Streets at