Space for Cycling - Local Elections 2014

We want better cycling conditions to be at the heart of the local elections in May in the London Borough of Merton

23rd May 2014 - Elections results

The election results for Merton are now out. Labour have gained control of the borough (i.e. they have an absolute majority of the seats), whereas before the election there was no overall control.
  • Labour: 36 seats (+8)
  • Conservative: 20 seats (-7)
  • Residents Association: 3 seats (0)
  • Liberal Democrats: 1 seat (-1)


Total Candidates Standing Total Candidates Signed Up %
Green 7 7 100%
TUSC 2 2 100%
Labour 60 6 10%
Conservative 60 60 100%
Liberal Democrat 42 0 0%
Independent 4 0 0%
UKIP 13 0 0%
Total 191 75 39%

London wide results

  • Labour – Supporting S4C: 48%
  • Conservative – Supporting S4C: 21%
  • Lib Dem – Supporting S4C: 47%
  • Green – Supporting S4C: 100%
  • UKIP – Supporting S4C: 3%

What are the major parties' positions with regards to the Space for Cycling in Merton?

Labour Party

"We want to transform conditions for cycling in Merton so that it is as safe and convenient as the Netherlands. We want far more people: young and old, male and female, in neighbourhoods across the Borough to be able to cycle to schools, shops, leisure facilities, town centres and local stations without having to jostle with speeding vehicles and heavy traffic. That means that where we can achieve them, we want physically separate cycle lanes, cycle safe junctions and neighbourhoods that are permeable for cyclists without unnecessary obstacles. We have devised a visionary programme called mini-Holland for which we have been promised substantial funding."

"Labour candidates are united in aiming to achieve as much as we can of the programme over the next four years, using the resources we are able to obtain in addition to the cycle projects already beginning, to achieve physically separate cycle lanes in parallel with Croydon Road, Wimbledon Parkside and Southside Common as well as through Mitcham town centre."

Conservative Party

"Merton Conservative candidates for the 2014 council elections have recently started to receive lots of emails from members and supporters of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). These emails relate to improvements across Merton which the LCC would like to see.

Merton Conservatives support the LCC and their ambitions to make cycling safer and easier where possible in Merton. Cycling is one of the healthiest and greenest ways of getting around as well as being an enjoyable pastime. We are therefore happy to sign up in principle to the campaign's aspirations.

We are supportive of schemes which will improve cycling and understand the specific suggestions made for each ward. If elected on 22nd May then we would obviously want to work with local cyclists and residents on the detail of these changes.

The London Borough of Merton Conservatives' manifesto contains various policies to make Merton's streets safer for cyclists. These include rolling out 20 mph speed limits where residents want them (building on the programme initiated by the previous Conservative administration between 2006-2010), improving parking facilities for cyclists in small shopping parades and supporting schemes that encourage more cycling and walking. Further information can be found in the Conservative manifesto entitled 'Unlocking Merton's Potential' (available on this website).

Merton Conservatives are committed to working with groups, such as the Merton Cycling Campaign, to improve the cycling experience in Merton. Our Transport Spokesman, Cllr Janice Howard, attended the Merton Cycling Campaign's recent meeting on 3rd April together with Stephen Hammond MP where she reiterated our and the Mayor of London's commitment to making cycling in the borough safer and more enjoyable.

We supported Merton's bid to the Mayor of London for 'Mini Holland' funding. As a successful finalist, the borough is likely to receive around £10-£15million from Boris Johnson, which will include substantial improvements to the local cycling network. What we now want to ensure is that this money is spent wisely, delivering maximum benefit for cyclists.

If you have any further questions however, please don't hesitate to email either your local Conservative action team (details can be accessed under 'Who's Who' section) or email"

Liberal Democrat Party

Joint response from Merton Liberal Democrat candidates to the London Cycling Campaigns' proposals

"Many thanks for writing to the Liberal Democrat candidates in Merton at the 2014 elections. We have discussed the emails that you have sent to us about individual proposals for specific wards, and what struck us was that we also had opinions on other proposals, not just on the ones relevant to where we happened to be candidates!

Many of our team of candidates are cyclists (regular and occasional), including Giles Bailey, who regularly attends MCC meetings.

One of the main themes of our manifesto is "safer streets for all", whether you are walking, cycling or driving. We have petitioned for 20mph speed limits as a default on all residential roads, and our councillors proposed such a move (voted down by Labour and Conservative councillors) in 2012.

We want to encourage more active streets - our councillors would encourage "play streets" and support residents that want to hold community events in their roads.

Whilst we feel that many of the MCC/LCC proposals make sense, we think the key issue for cyclists in Merton is to establish a set of comprehensive strategic cycling routes in the borough. These should be identified by the community, as well as by experts in cycling design and in designing safe (pedestrian/cycle) facilities.

The main 'travel desire' routes across the borough should be covered: these routes should offer as much protection as practical to cyclists as well as other pedestrians. We don't want to get into a piecemeal selection of one route at a time before the election, assuming that facilities can be immediately implemented afterwards.

All the best

Merton Liberal Democrat candidates for 2014"