Cycling Improvements Required in London Borough of Merton

In Merton, there is a huge amount of scope to improve the cycling experience.

Merton Cycling Campaign is actively liaising with London Borough of Merton Council to add cycle tracks that are safe, comfortable and convenient.

Several issues that we have recently been involved in:

  • Mitcham Town Centre Regeneration: we have been requesting that Merton's proposed cycle tracks have right of way over side streets and have a safe access and exit points onto the main road cycle lane.
  • Kingston Rd, Raynes Park: new short-stay parking bays have been installed in June 2013. We believe this road should be a place designed for and around people.
  • Wandle Trail upgrade: we have been working with Sustrans and LB Sutton to ensure that the Wandle Trail, currently being upgraded, is highly suitable for cycling. This includes requesting the removal of barriers, installing smooth long lasting surfaces and including dropped kerbs which are truly flush with the road surface