Tuesday 9 April 2019

Spring Equinox ride report

Sunday 24th March saw a small but hardy crew set out for our Spring Equinox ride around the Surrey hills, a more ambitious and longer route than we'd normally attempt. 

Thanks to Jim for the route planning, and Chris, Mark and Dominic for the report-back; possibly the most literary contribution we've had ever! 

When sun and moon between them cite
That hours in day shall equal night
Merton cyclists are gladly met
Outside The Sultan, there to get
Vantage o'er yon Farthing Down
And thereafter foaming tanks to crown
With tributes and tales of trials tried
And builds we built but never flied

The blessed sun upon us shone
As 10.30 stuck upon the gong
Sallied we forth to the Wandle Trail
And eftsoons to Wallington in the dale
The Downs lifted us up, her apron gently spread
As Jim's route bade us on ahead
And with every climb, upon the ear
Fell an electrical whirr most queer
Charles and Mark were more than man and steel
Between their calves sly design could not conceal
Lithium-ion and rotational force
Towed they up by electronic horse

A feast of cheese and tomato panini
And the streets of Coulsdon soft and dreamy
Spurred our riders to mount the Down
And there behold fair Surrey all around

The Wagner Way a ribbon far to run
Pricked our thigh and upon the bum
A concentrated turn of heel
Brought us back to The Sultan upon the wheel
Amber effervescence there to flow
As we settled to the afterglow
Of a ride when the March sun kept her promise
And wishes for another upon the solstice

A fitting prose, no less, forsooth!
For it be told, in honest truth,
Tales of heroic climbing speed,
Not Charles and I, but young John Ede!
Who battled rough stuff, hill and glade,
And put men half his age in shade!
In later times, this tale regaled,
Tears will fall in pints of ale,
By cyclist looking sad and wan,
Regretting that they had not gone!

Which prompted this observation from Dominic: 

There was virile young young rider,
Who happily threw his leg over carbon fibre,
He went out one day,
And took off up the street,
Only to be passed by a man, He  on a roadster, short and fat,
He muttered "How does he do that?"
And slunk home embarrassed by his defeat!